A Little Bit About Housekeeping and Clutter

I’ve got a few things I want to take care of right here, right now. The first being a little bit more chatter about my lovely mac.

I’ve been using it almost exclusively now, something that I am very proud of but also a bit disappointed. First off, I love that its just so simple. All the crap that people have to deal with in Windows has really been bothering me recently. On this Mac I don’t have to worry about viruses and spyware. No browser hi-jacks or unwanted applications automatically installing themselves. That means I don’t have to waste my time running scans for viruses or spyware. Another thing that protects me from this crap is that whenever an application tries to install itself it needs a password, if you don’t purposely type in the password the operating system won’t let it install. This way, nothing gets installed without me knowing about it and giving permission. If Windows had this there is no way anyone would get screwed over with those porn dialers that ‘magically’ appear on their desktops. I recently had to wage all-out war on my little cousin’s computer because a whole bunch of programs found their way onto her computer, and would generate pop-up windows on cue every 5 minutes. Took me literally 1 hour to find out what was causing it, then remove it. And it was a horrible chain of applications opening other applications opening other applications. I honestly wish everyone in my family would buy Macs, then they wouldn’t have to deal with this crap. 90% of the people in my family don’t really need a Windows machine. They could survive with a Mac for what they use it for.

One thing I noticed after using this mac for about 2 weeks now is that all of my Windows habits are breaking. Copy and Paste shortcuts in Windows is CTRL+C and CTRL+V, but in Mac OS X it is Command+C and Command+V (on a Windows keyboard Command is the Microsoft Windows key). So now, even when I’m in Windows I try using Command+C and V… its strange how that has become the dominant combination for me, and I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks. The 2nd little habit is when I’m closing or minimizing a window. As you can see by the images below:

The buttons are on opposite sides of the Title bar. But when I’m in Windows I constantly go to the wrong side.

So, it seems that I’ve become a full blown Mac convert, and I’m starting to preach for them too now. I never in my life thought it would come to this.

There is a sort of side-effect that has come along with my current switch over to Macs… I don’t have as many distractions as I’ve had before. Since World of Warcraft doesn’t really run very well on it I haven’t been playing much of it. Also, I don’t have a TV tuner on it, so I haven’t been able to watch that while on my computer. Actually, after thinking about that I feel a bit of withdrawal… I think I should turn on my pc for a bit, maybe its feeling lonely.

That ends the housekeeping, now for the bit on clutter.

I’ve been adding a whole bunch of crap to this site, mostly little links and such, in all the blank spaces I can find.

If you’ll look to your LEFT you can see my Flickr ‘badge’ as they call it. Flickr is a photo hosting service. Its completely free, but it has some limitations (for $24.99 you can get the unlimited service). So, as you can see, in the badge it is creatively scanning through the photos that I have uploaded so far. If you check out my Flicker page you can see them close up. The cool thing about Flickr is that they let you put ‘notes’ over your images. So you can highlight certain parts of your images. Take this one for example. If you hover over the image you can see boxes appear, and if you hover over the boxes you can see the little note, or description, that I left for it. I think that it is a really cool way to show people your photos, and I’m considering using it exclusively to hold all my images. I also believe that Flickr is canadian, their servers were originally hosted in Canada. So that feels like even more of a reason to help these guys out and purchase the Pro service.

Why can’t I think of cool ideas like that?

And finally, you might notice the Technorati profile link also on the left side of the screen. Technorati is a search engine site for blogs. They search all blogs registered to it, and provide you with content from all of them based on your search queries.

I think thats everything for now, hopefully I’ll find something to talk about tomorrow.

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