A New Beginning

I’ve had many web presences over the years. My first website (built with NetObjects Fusion and then Microsoft Front Page) was hosted on Geocities and it was a fan page for my heroes at the time: Patrick Roy, Saku Koivu and Jacques Villeneuve (if memory serves). After that I decided to learn HTML and build my first blog engine in java that would write out static files to be served. I then went on to learn PHP and mysql, built my own custom blog software and the rest is history. I’ve been building web apps ever since for fun and professionally.

And all that has lead up to where I am now, writing this first post on my newly minted WordPress.com site from the comfort of my sofa on the week and a half I have off between leaving my last job at Connected (which I thoroughly enjoyed but can’t speak too much about the super cool but secret projects I worked on there… damn NDA) and starting my next adventure with Automattic where I’ll be working on products for WordPress itself!

As I’ve said in the past, I’m going to try writing more. We’ll see how long it lasts this time around, but I think I’ll have quite a bit of content to go through before it starts to get tough. I’m going to try to write about my experience interviewing with and getting hired by Automattic as many have done before me, and also try to talk about what its like to work in a completely distributed company (oh yeah, I forgot to mention I get to work from home every single day).

I’m also going to try to import my existing blog’s content over here, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work with the existing links, so I may just leave things there and start fresh over here. I imagine JohnCaruso.ca becoming more of a portfolio site with links to all of my other stuff (including this blog). But we’ll see how that shapes up.

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