A Past Realisation

Unable to blog, I wrote these words down on paper a week or so ago

I just realised that I am probably addicted to the internet (go figure…) On Thursday February 10, 2005, I came to this realisation. I was up in my room working on an essay when I lost my connection. I went down to my modem and router to troubleshoot the problem.

I really didn’t need the internet to be connected, but I wanted to fix it anyways. When I couldn’t get it to work I gave up and my mom asked what was wrong with it. I said “I don’t know, but I just wish it was working. I feel better when its connected”. Then it hit me like a slap in the face… “I feel better when the internet is working”. It echoed in my head for a few minutes (seriously). Is that a surefire way to detect an addiction or what?

I think I need help… I need an excuse to get away. I need to show myself that I don’t NEED the internet.

Well it just came back now, and I’d be lieing if I said I didn’t feel a strong sence of relief… Still can’t blog this though, my site is still down because of my crappy webhost. So, I guess its back to my essay. Bye.

That was that note I wrote to myself to post at a later date, which happens to be today. I think I got a handle on this little problem. I tried to do stuff that involved getting OUT of the house during reading week, and I’ve been playing my guitar even MORE than I have before. Here is hoping it’ll last…

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