Almost Abandoned A Project

About a year ago I started working on a YouTube video editing web app. I made a quick little proof of concept website (may not work in all browsers). Since then YouTube has done a few things that made me start up the project and then drop it a few times:

1) Announced a new video player using HTML5. I tried it out but the API for that is still in beta and doesn’t work very well (read: at all) in Firefox.

2) Released their own video editing utility. I was ready to ditch the project completely at this point, but I tried it out and it sucks bigtime! Plus, due to the way they’re letting you edit and re-author videos, they don’t give access to all videos. My approach doesn’t actually create new videos, it just plays them in sequence and automatically seeks and starts and stops them. So I shouldn’t have the same legal/moral/ethical issues that they’re dealing with.

So, after giving up a few times I think I’m back on track! I’ll focus on this for the next week and see what I can come up with since I need a bit of a break from my iPhone project. I find jumping between projects when I’m motivated to do so yields better results than trying to force creativity at any given moment.

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