AmaJohn Page Seeks New Name

Well, my Amazon webservice experiment is almost ready for public consumption. It has a shiny new interface (its actually kind of dark, not really shiny at all now that I think of it). I even created some half-assed images using mspaint.

There are a few rendering issues I found with Internet Explorer 7, and there is one part which I am fairly confident will not even work in IE 6 because I remember testing it a while back.

All that this thing really needs, other than some killer new features, is a better name. I don’t really know what to call it, and I am starting to believe I am narcissistic since I keep prefix or suffixing all my little experiments with my name (see Johnoogle).

Other than that, it has been suggested to me that I add some Google Adsense ads to the page to milk it for more money. Because, hey, if people actually use this thing I could make a pretty penny!

But its not yet ready to start mass linking to. Plus, it’ll probably shoot my bandwidth costs through the roof. But once it is I’ll try to spread it around on some places where I think it may catch on.

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