I spent the morning, and part of the early afternoon at the autoshow today. Looked at A LOT of nice cars… and a lot more not so nice cars. Got to sit in the Prius again, but this one was much nicer, and cleaner (the first time it was a used Prius, and the salesperson was reluctant to let me get into it).

I brought my digital camera that seemed to be put to good use, until the batteries died. So, I swapped in the 2nd set that I brought with me, and somehow those too were drained. And so were the 3rd set. This was very frustrating, because I had charged those 4 recently and they haven’t been used since. So, I think they are screwed… and we were screwed because we were left without a camera. So, for the rest of the show, I was forced to use my cell phone to take pictures. The quality is considerably lower, and the images are much smaller, but I did manage to get a few nice shots.

You can check them all out here.

Also, we made this video with my digital camera before the batteries died… might have something to do with why they died?

Double-click to play

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