Awesome Weekend, New Gadget and Back-To-School

Well well well… I neglected to write anything about Buffalo this weekend because I wanted to save it for tomorrow when I have nothing to write about. But, I got restless today since I realised that i have a ton of stuff to say and I wanted to say it as soon as possible!

For starters, I went to Buffalo friday to watch a Sabres game. It was awesome! It was the first time I’ve ever gone to an NHL game, and I loved it. Too bad it had to be with 2 teams that i generally don’t care much about. Buffalo managed to win that night, which made it that much more fun to watch.

That day didn’t start out as I had thought it would. I was up around 6:30 and left the house around 8… to go to church. My cousin’s girlfriend and her brother had volunteered to do some work for the church, and the rest of us offered to help to speed the process up so we could leave for Buffalo sooner (that was my motivation anyways). So, while the other guys were moving boxes of bibles I lucked out and got to work on the computers that people had donated. I tested about 8 monitors and 3 pcs. All but 1 of the monitors worked, unfortunatly 2 of the pcs were junk. One didn’t have working video output and the other didn’t boot to anything, nor did it have a keyboard and mouse to go along with it (it required some really OLD ports). So I was able to hook up one pc that ran Windows 3.1. The person who donated it was nice enought to not wipe the harddrive clean, so all the apps (like word processing and such) were still on there… along with wedding invitations and some homework. That was fun to read (he he he).

Saturday was new years eve. I spent the day at Speer’s house playing xbox and gamecube, watching some football and the Canada vs USA World Junior game on HIGH DEFINITION!!! After that I don’t think I can ever watch another sports event on tv. It just looks so incredible!

I don’t think I’ve made any new year’s resolutions but I think I should come up with something because all this procrastination is KILLING ME!

That leads me to my next point. Since school is starting again, and I haven’t finished my briscola game, I dont’ think it will get finished anytime soon. I’ll probably work on it again when I have some kind of assignment that I don’t want to do… so i’ll use it to procrastinate other stuff.

So yeah, school starts tomorrow. I’ve got classes on monday and wednesday that start an hour and a half earlier than last term. That is the only down side to this term. Other than that I’ve got a pretty good schedule, no ridiculously long breaks, or late classes.

Finally I’d like to report on a new toy I received today. UPS paid me a nice little visit today… it was my new cell phone. With it I’ve been given free 6 months of picture messaging, this means that I now have use for that moblog that I setup a year or so ago. So, check it out from time to time and I might have some random photos from my everyday comings and goings.

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