Back In The Microsoft World

I made a spur of the moment decision earlier this week to attend a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 app development workshop. It took place yesterday and it was essentially a quick walkthrough on how to start a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) app, a breakdown of the different kinds of apps and templates available and an explanation of some of the features that are unique to Windows Phone 7 (coolest being Live Tiles).

During the day I started working on an app idea that I’ve had for a while and was holding onto for my next iOS or Android app. But I was able to piece it together quite quickly for WP7. The working title right now is Picado, derived from the words “Picture And Do”. The app is a simple utility that lets you take a picture of some text and then ‘do’ something with it. For example:

– take a picture of a URL and then open that URL in the web browser.
– take a picture of an address and then view it on a map
– take a picture of an invitation and then have it scheduled in your calendar

The app is about half done, and there may be a few things I have to leave out because of limitations with the platform (like creating appointments programmatically). Hoping to have it done and published before the end of April so I can add one more platform under my belt and remove yet another distraction from me finishing my iPhone game.

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