Back On The OpenGL Wagon

Looks like this is my first post from the Macbook Pro (It wont look any different than any other post though).

One thing I’m really impressed with the mac over Windows (among a list of about 100 things) is XCode, the IDE that Apple gives away for free. It has just about every free framework you would ever want (and some maybe not free) installed by default. It took me a total of about 5 minutes to get up and running working on an OpenGL test app compared to the hours (ok maybe only 1) that it took to get an OpenGL app compiled on my Windows machine back when I was still in school.

Below (and also available on my Videos menu entry on the left) are 2 videos of the OpenGL tests that I’ve been working on on-and-off during the last week or so.

The first one is just a handful of objects I tried drawing and animating in different ways. Nothing complicated at all, just a refresher for lighting, rotations and translations.

The second is a modification to an assignment I had in my 4th year Computer Graphics course. I had to draw a 3D sine wave with 2 dimentions (both x and y axes drawn with a sine wave) with Phong Shading (dont remember exactly what that means, but thats what my comments in my code said — I think it just means that the normals for each corner are averaged based on the surfaces that make up that corner). The modification I made to this is to animate it – by changing the phase of the sine wave over time – so it looks like the waves are moving, kind of like flapping a bed sheet on one end. The video quality for some reason is crappy so the shading doesn’t come out very well in the top part of the screen.

The end goal of all these ‘test’ is to eventually start working on an OpenGL iPhone application.

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