Busy With A Move

I’ve been a bit busy organizing all the junk I’ve accumulated over time because I’m in the middle of preparing to move again. The good news is it’s a short move, just a couple doors over, so there is no rush to get everything packed and into a truck. We’re just hauling stuff over as it’s ready over the next few days.

Of particular interest to me is getting my internet and satellite up and running as quickly as possible on Saturday (when we’re going to be switching over to the new place). I’ve got the Bell installer coming over Friday evening so it’ll be ready for Saturday, and as I write this I’ve been testing out the cable internet and router in the new place to make sure it still works. I tested out a few locations in the house to make sure that there is cable service and that the WiFi signal is strong enough to reach the highest and lowest floors while not having to be placed in an unsightly location.

Since I’ve been preoccupied with that I haven’t had much time to work on my Windows Phone 7 game since Monday. The last thing I did was clean up the main game interface using images to show health (heart) and score (mango) instead of the words “health” and “score”. I also worked on the collision box for the mongoose so that only mangos that hit him in the torso, head and hands count as caught mangos. This way, you can’t get freebie points if the mango just touches the tip of his tail. Not sure how popular that decision will be, but it should increase the difficulty a bit from being painfully simple.

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