Bye Bye Blogtool, Helloooooo Beatles!

With the advent of the the new, reformed, semi-automated comes the death of one of my most favorite tools, the JohnsBlogTool. It was probably the FIRST useful program I ever wrote, and for a while it was the only until I started working really hard on the scripts for this site and I have included the source code (created with JAVA) in the latest, and LAST, release of my blog tool. Now, for the 2nd order of business… I spent some time on the McFarlane/Spawn website today, and I found some AWESOME new music figures that they are making, have made and are releasing really soon! One being a 2nd Jimi Hendrix figure, and the other one (or group of figures) that I’m TERRIBLY excited about is the new Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoon series: I just can’t wait!

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