Bye Bye NHL

Its a damned shame, but there is nothing I or anyone else (except for the NHL and NHLPA) can do about it. So, whining is going to do nothing.

So, as a pseudo-replacement of hockey for myself I started watching soccer. Both the Italian Serie A and British Premier League. I’ve been following Juventus in Serie A, and Liverpool in the Premier League.

Now, soccer isn’t really an adequate replacement for hockey because they usually only play on the weekends. So I’m still left with my weekday evenings (that could possibly be an oxymoron) wide open. Now, you might say ‘Hey John, why not do HOMEWORK?’, and my responce to you would be ‘Because homework is for suckers!’… so, I’ve filled up my evenings with tv shows.

Monday to Friday I watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Space: The Imagination Station

Tuesdays I watch Making the Cut on CBC AND Smallville on CityTV

Wednesdays hosts LOST, I don’t know what station its on because I haven’t actually watched it on TV yet. I’ve been downloading the episodes from (and no, thats not a spelling mistake)

Thursdays is reserved for CSI, the ORIGINAL CSI not the Miami or New York spinoffs.

And Fridays, unless I go out, I am graced with the return of Star Trek: Enterprise… they were moved from their old wednesday timeslot. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean that they are going to get cancelled.

Well, I think thats good for me, 2 posts in one day. That should tide you over until my next post.

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