Jeez, its cold 🙁

I was outside shoveling the snow this afternoon after I got home from class. And it was cold.

While I was shoveling the snow this car comes driving past my house really REALLY slowly. I thought to myself “jeez, whats these people’s problem?” They stopped their car and this old lady came out. She told me she had a flat tire and asked if I could help? A second later I heard myself say “Sure”… SURE?!??! What was I thinking? I had only changed a tire once, and it was LONG before I even learned how to drive.

So she pulled into the driveway, and I got out the spare tire and the jack. I was thinking to myself “When she asked for help, she probably meant the kind of help where I do all the work.” Of course it was, she’s probably never changed a tire in her life. And she made a point of telling me that shortly after.

To avoid making this short story become long, I changed the tire with EASE, because after all I’m a pro even at things I have no business doing. She offered to give me $20 and I said no, but she insisted. So I took it because it was really COLD and I didn’t feel like arguing about it.

Other than that the day has been pretty uneventful, like any other wednesday. Which is why I sometimes forget to update on time.

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