Chat it up! Part 2

Holy Moly! I’m ready to rollout NoodleMessenger BETA! I created a quick and simple graphical interface for my chat server from the last post. I used my Java GUI builder that me and 2 other guys from my UI class last year built for our final assignment. I can’t believe how useful that thing actually is. It blows my mind.

Anyways, here it is. PLEASE help me test it! Here are the instructions:
1) Go to and update your Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There should be a link in the upper left that tells you if you are up-to-date or not, and gives you instructions on how to update.

2) Download NoodleMessengerBeta.jar from that link. Its only like 4kb, so even you poor dial-up folks can get it!

3) Run the file (should work for SURE on Windows machines. For Mac or Linux, hopefully Java 1.5 is out by the time you read this). You will be connected to my chat server, provided its on, and assigned a client id. Then just start chatting! Type what you want to say in the bottom textfield and hit ENTER, or click SEND!

Its as easy as that. See! Nothing to it. Come join the fun as soon as you can. I’ll try to keep it running all day long.

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