City of Heroes

I have been (not literally) sitting on City of Heroes for about 8 months now. I picked it up for about $10 from Bestbuy on boxing day. It is, if you can’t be bothered to click the link above, a mmorpg much like World of Warcraft. But instead of being orcs, elves and humans it is with superheroes.

You get to create a superhero with various powers and abilities, then go around fighting crime. I played it while it was in beta and had a lot of fun. The reason I decided to finally install it now and start playing is because I am taking a break from World of Warcraft, so I’ve got some room now to play another mmorpg without wasting money on monthly subscriptions. Also, it came with 1 month of free play, and school is starting in about a month, so I figured now is the best time to play through my free month, otherwise who knows when I’ll actually get to play.

So, now I’m just waiting for the numerous (about 350mb worth) patches to download and install so I can jump in and create an awesome superhero. I’ll post screenshots once I start playing.

Wattson Volta

On a completely unrelated note… I got the user account creation and login scripts working for my little project. All that is left to do is get the domain management scripts all working (well, I still have to write them) then the site will be fully operational. And then I’ll be able to get back to work on a better algorithm. So, I’ll be juggling City of Heroes and this project for the next couple weeks until school starts. Who knows if I’ll be able to put a dent in my Retro PC Radio mod.

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