Code Cleanup

Yesterday I decided that it was pretty pathetic of me to not have this site be valid xhtml, so I went about cleaning up the code and fixing all the dumb mistakes I made.

The main problem was my use of DIVs and the CSS. I had:
<div id='css_class'> instead of <div class='css_class'>. Apparently it is illegal to have identical div id's being referenced multiple times, but a div class can be referenced as much as you see fit.

Other than that, I just had to fix a bunch of ‘&‘ to be ‘&amp;‘ because apparently it is a reserved symbol or something.

So, now I am 100% xhtml valid! Well almost. Most of my older pages are, but there were a few that were just terrible, and I can’t really go in and fix them up. I’m going to have to re-create most of those pages anyways… they look like crap.

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