Couple little updates

A couple days ago I broke… I cracked under the immense pressure that has been building up inside of me for the past couple of months, and I bought a Mac Mini. I got the 1.42Ghz model, upgraded with the wireless card, and bluetooth for the hell of it. I also ordered a gig of ram from Crucial. The ram arrived today, but the mac won’t be here for a few weeks.

So begins my foray into the world of Apple Computers. I’m hoping it goes well.

As for a new domain name, I’ve still got nothing. And nobody seems to be dropping any suggestions, which leads me to believe nobody actually reads this website. But its ok, my feelings aren’t hurt… yet :'(

I’ve also come across this profile of my World of Warcraft character, Nogoda. It shows my equipment, and some stats (they are a little off).

I had to remove it from this page, because it was failing to load, and as a result it stopped the rest of my site from loading. You can find the profile here

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