Crunch Time

Its that time again, exactly 1 week until my very, very last assignment is due. So, I’ve got to get down to business. Here is my wonderful schedule/checklist of all that needs to be done (both for demonstration purposes and because it would help me out a lot if I had a list of this kind):

– Thursday: Operating System Design Test 2
– Friday: e-Commerce Assignment 2 – DONE!
– Saturday/Sunday: Work on assignments
– Monday: Datastructures and Algorithms assignment 4 due
– Tuesday: Operating System Design final project and presentation due, Humanities take home exam due
– Wednesday: nice break to finish up work on next assignment
– Thursday: e-Commerce final project due

I probably could have finished another one or two of these things, or at least got some of them started, but I’ve been following a vicious cycle the past 3 days. It goes something like this: wake up, plan what to do for the day, don’t do it, go to sleep.

I could have sworn I had more to talk about but right now I have to start studying for my test tonight.

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