Design Decisions

I am at the point now with this little project where I have to decide where to go to next…

I’ve got 3 areas that need to be addressed, and I can’t really figure out which is more important.

1) Figure out a faster way of sending messages back and forth between the server and clients. I already noticed some slowdown when only 2 users are on the server, and all that is being passed is new positions. Maybe I can put a timer on the server threads to only update everyone else every x milliseconds or something, instead of every time a message is received… OR see what I added since I last made a change to introduce all this LAG. Either way, I think the server is doing too much work per client somewhere. I don’t think its a client-side issue.

2) Add chat capability to the client. The server already has the ability to pass chat messages back and forth, I just need to get the clients to be able to accept chat input from the keyboard and display all conversations in the window somewhere.

3) Better player movement communication. I need to have more of a 3 dimensional way of communicating how the user is moving. Right now its just forwards/backwards and left/right movements. I need to have a vertical movement direction information as well as rotational.

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