Done Reading and Raring To Go!

Well I finished reading the Building Scalable Web Sites book yesterday. My head is full of so much crap right now, that it feels really overwhelming to start a project trying to get it right the first time.

There is so much crap that this guy said to look out for, and places to lock down input so people can’t hack their way through my urls.

Not to mention database design. Do I have 1 master and multiple slaves off of it, 2 masters, a ring of masters? I have learned to hate the word redundancy.

I’ve got two ideas lined up for a web app, but I’m not really sure which to do first, or which is even feasible let alone interesting or marketable.

So, right now, trying to find out where I stand… basically I’m going to procrastinate until the weekend and then I’ll decide what to do. Which will probably be more procrastination, but at least I’ve got lots of stuff to think about.

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