Drained, Disappointed but Relieved


I just finished another insane night of programming for this damned User Interface class. This time I submitted it 3 minutes before the due date… and it isn’t 100% operational..

With only about 10 minutes left one of my partners realised that two features, one of them a MAJOR feature, didn’t work properly… I paniced, especially because that was a feature I implemented. After going over it for a bit, our other partner figured out the problem. It was a shortcut that I never used, but decided to this time… and it was making everything go to hell.

So, then 5 minutes before the due date he sends me the fixed file. I uploaded it to the server and ran the submit script.

The other feature that was broken was the Save/Load feature. Depending on what kind of components you were creating it won’t save all the features.

I’d like to post it up here but I’d hate to give it away when its not fully functional. I am planning on fixing it, because it is a pretty cool program to play around with.

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