Dual Monitor

I spend the better part of this afternoon testing to see if my videocard supported a dual monitor setup. I always suspected it did, but never knew for sure until today.

The first thing I needed to do was FIND a second monitor. I decided to use my TV in the other room, so I gathered all the rca cables I could find and connected them all together. Then I hooked up my videocard to the tv and after a bit of tweaking it detected the screen. So, I had successfully extended my desktop over 2 screens. Only problem was the TV is in another room, that wasn’t very practical.

So I setup my other computer with the ATI multimedia center software so I could watch TV on it, but instead of feeding it a cable signal I connected the RCA cables to it.

The next step will be to purchase a new monitor, a real one not a tv screen, and stick it beside this one so I can really enjoy all the perks!

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