DXTest Client

I am starting to wish I created a new blog category for this project… but it is just so much more compelling working on this instead of doing stupid houskeeping stuff for my website.

I am ready to provide the test client to the world!

You will need to have the latest DirectX runtimes installed as well as the .Net Framework 1.1. You can download them below:

DirectX Runtime
Windows Update. You will have to choose the ‘Custom’ button, then look around in both the “High Priority” and “Software, Optional” sections (left of the screen) to find .Net Framework 1.1 . If you cannot find it then you most likely already have it (YAY!)

Once you have downloaded and installed both of those components you can download the following Zip file.


Then extract it anywhere and double click to run it. I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the server running, so you might get an error about a Socket Exception. Just close down the client if that happens. Then check to see if I’m logged into MSN (you can find my info in the ‘About Me‘ section) and ask me to start the server and we’ll test this baby out together!

For anyone who is going to run my lovely test client THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Nothing bad should happen to your computer as a result of running this program as it doesn't modify any files or other contents of your PC. All it does it make a connection to the internet, so you may have to allow it access if you are using a software firewall.

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