End of an era

Well… it wasn’t quite an era, more like a year.

I learned monday morning that I had lost VealOnABun.com, it was taken by vulchers. A domain name ‘holding’ company snatched it up as soon as it had expired… The reason I allowed it to expire (well it wasn’t quite allowing, I was forced) was because my previous webhost kind if went away, and the domain name was under his control. I was unable to get control of it, so I was forced to wait for it to expire before I could attempt to get it back (by purchasing it).

Well, the vulchers were waiting around a lot more attentively than I was… and they took it away before I could get it. The reason they do this is because they believe that people who accidentally allowed their domains to expire will pay ANYTHING to get it back. Well, as hurt as I am that I have lost it, I can’t say that I care enough to get into any kind of bidding war with these guys. If they want to snatch up expired domain names then let them… they can waste their money all they want.

So, as a result I’m going to need another alternate domain name, so I don’t have to use thenoodleman.ca for other side projects. In light of this I am re-opening my previous contest – Send me suggestions for a new domain name and if I choose yours I’ll give you your own website at that address (something like yourname.domainname.com — where the domainname is the name you pick for me, and yourname is whatever you’d like it to be for your website). Just drop your suggestions in the comments!

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