Enter: Week of Insanity

I’m thinking of retiring my guestbook because it hardly gets used, and when it does get used 90% of it is just robots spamming it with advertisements (something that I temporarily fixed with my anti-robot defense system, but still they manage to get one or two in before its too late).

Also, I figure it is kind of redundant to have both a guestbook and comments, so if anyone wants to leave a message they can always just drop it in the comments for the most recent news post. I think that is best for everyone.

Onto some goings and happenings now. The next few weeks are going to be absolutly horrible. I’ve got assignments and midterms galore. One of which is my graphics course, which is now dealing with shading and texturing! So far I’ve got the shading done, I just need to put in facilities for the user to move the light source around. My texturing is somewhat sub-par. The texture only shows up when the camera is zoomed out to an insane distance. Close up it looks like tv static but in colour. I think once I finish this assignment I’ll post it and my last one up in a new section on this site. Not sure what I’ll call it, but eventually it’ll be the home of all my graphics and game ideas and creations.

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