Exam done, onto the good stuff.

Well, its done. Over. Finished. I wrote my one and only exam for this term this evening, and now I’ve got all the time in the world, until january when I have to go back to school. Actually, I’ve still got an essay to write for the 20th, but it won’t take a whole week to do.

Which means… onto my projects! I have two to choose from. One is hardware based, the other software:

  • Retro PC Radio mod: I’ve been sitting (not literally) on this project since the summer. It is going to take some planning, and then I’ll probably never use it again, so I think I’ll leave it for when I’m really bored and feeling really ambitious.
  • Online Multiplayer Briscola!: This is the one I’m really looking forward to. I’ve already done some preliminary work on this. I downloaded Eclipse, a free java based IDE, to develope this project. I figure I should learn as many IDEs as possible incase I have to use any one of them in a job. Yeah, I’m going to have to look for one of those too for next year. But back to the briscola! I’ve already got the server written, I just have to create a protocol for the communications, and then design the game. I’m going to be keeping a ‘development blog’ of sorts. I’ll create a new project under my site and all posts about briscola will be under that project name (I’m finally going to use these post categories that I created months ago).

So, the next time I write anything here it’ll be about my briscola game. Most likely all the links I’ll be using as reference and some design discussions. I think its going to be fun!

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