Exam Schedule, and WoW Update

Well, I found out a few interesting pieces of information in the past few days.

First, my exam schedule was released. I only have 3 exams to write this term:

  • COSC 3101 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms – December 9th @ 7pm
  • COSC 3311 – Software Design – December 14th @ 2pm
  • COSC 3421 – Intro. to Database Systems – December 14th @ 7pm

Naturally the two exams in one day worry me, but there is nothing I can do about it. I do get 2 hours inbetween those 2 exams, so I’ll have some time to review.

Secondly, I read today that the World of Warcraft closed beta test is coming to an end. So, that means Open Beta is starting soon which means I’ll get to play again before the game goes retail!

Now, you might think I’m extatic over this, BUT it comes at a very BAD time. This upcoming week is a particularily rough one for me. I’ve got 2 midterm exams and 2 assignments due. So I might not be able to start playing right away… oh well.

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