Explaination for Downtime

Holy crap… it has been a REAL long 3 weeks.

I don’t know if I should make an apology, because I don’t think anyone really missed out on anything, and some people may not have even NOTICED my site was down… But I do feel like I should give an explaination for what happened.

On February 1st my website went down. I later learned that this was due to the fact that my host had not paid his bills and the company that was providing HIM with servers and bandwidth decided to shut him down.

So me, and about 600-1000 other customers, were left homeless. We were able to make backups of our databases and files though, thanks to the generocity of my host’s host (so to speak).

When my host finally decided to speak up about the situation he had severely pissed off A LOT of his customers, many demanding refunds because of his stupidity. He was prepared to offer refunds to people who pay on a monthly basis (since it wouldn’t mean him giving back too much cash), but us poor yearly subscribers were given the choice of 2 options:

1) He will honour the remainder of our term in his newly built Australian Datacenter
2) Leave and find a new host with $0 of our remaining subscription refunded to us.

Now for me, having renewed for another year less than a WEEK before this whole fiasco began, I had to choose #1 otherwise my $55 USD would have been a waste.

So now here I am, being hosted out of AUSTRALIA no less, talking to you once again. This will no doubt cause my site to load considerably slower, seeing as it has to travel halfway across the world everytime you want to load a page.

Ironically enough, I was thinking about switching hosts about a month ago, because of a few little support issues I was having with this company. But I wasn’t able to find anyone who was offering the awesome features that they did. In hindsight I should have packed my bags and ran screaming out of here… It was obviously too good to be true. So, one thing I can promise is that I WILL find a better host to go to, and maybe even leave halfway through my term here with my host either if it is a really good deal, or I start having even MORE issues with this company.

If you noticed I am referring to my host as “my host” and not calling them by their name because I don’t want anyone to get any ideas of buying hosting from these people… The less I say their name means the less advertising I give them – you know what they say “there is no such thing as bad press”

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