Finished Asterisk Setup

So I started setting up my Asterisk Server at around 2:00 yesterday. About 2 hours and several forum threads later I finally got it working.

I was working with two sets of instructions from two different resources that described setting up different parts of the system, and they both did things a little differently… so it took a while to figure out what steps I needed to synchronize myself. I should probably make another section of this website to hold my .conf files and SPA-3102 setup screens so anyone else having the same problems I had will have some sort of reference to get their stuff working.

What I have working right now is the ability to have the server answer calls and forward them to any IP phone in my house… currently there is only one. My first test with someone calling my house from outside, other than me from my cell phone, was with Perrone. I set up a call rule that would answer the phone after 1 ring, play an included sound file of a bunch of monkeys going crazy, then it would dial only my phone in my room. And it worked without any problems!

Going forward, I still need to setup the ability to have an IP phone that is outside my home network answer and make calls to and from my home phone number. Then, if I am so inclined, I can start signing up with some international VoIP providers to get extremely cheap long distance rates. But I don’t really think I have any use for that at the moment.

But for now, I’ll probably just mess around with the server a little more. Since I’ve got Caller ID I can make the server answer calls differently depending on who is calling. So if my family or friends call I can have it play an interesting message specifically geared to them before ringing the rest of the phones in the house.

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