Free Stuff Gets Me Every Time

So I am working on another app just to get some free stuff. It is a recurring theme for me, and it’s how I started off developing apps.

My first app was PlayCreator for the Blackberry Playbook. The reason I wrote it was because RIM was going to send me a Playbook for free if the app was ready before launch. I then converted it over to Android (here) because Google and Samsung gave me a free Galaxy Tab 10.1

I’m at it again now with a new Windows Phone 7 game, Mongoose Loves Mangos. The only reason I’m making this game is because the Canadian arm of Microsoft is offering free stuff to people who create new ‘quality’ Windows Phone 7 apps. If I make 2 I get a free phone. If I only do one I get my choice of some other stuff. So, assuming I get this app and Picado done I’ll get my hands on a new Windows Phone 7 phone (stupid name).

Here is a short demo of what I’ve got done so far. What I’m showing here is the sliding effect when the mongoose changes direction. Also to note, the concept art was done by Paul Covello

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