Fried Hard Drive

A couple days ago my dad’s laptop harddrive started making lots of really really disturbing noises. Then it keeled over…

We were able to backup most of what was important so no harm there. The replacement hard drive arrived today, so I’m setting that up and reinstalling Windows XP so my dad can get back to functioning, and my mom can get her computer back from him.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to clean up my Amazon webservice experiment. Make the pages a little sexier, and adding colour. Also, the currency converter webservice I was using seems to be back online again… so the page is once again useful!

I also got a new cd today… arrived in the mail with the hard drive. It is called ‘After My Misspent Youth’ by The Machines. I saw them on New Year’s Eve when they opened for Sloan. They were pretty good, and I saw their cd online for $11.50 so I figured it was a good idea to buy it. There are plenty of tracks to sample on their website and their myspace page if you are so inclined.

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