Fried Video Card

It just occurred to me that I didn’t mention my little video card incident.

Last week my video card started acting up (see below).

fried video card

My poor ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro started to overheat. Or at least I think that is what caused those pink lines all over my screen. Whatever caused it, the image in the video buffer was getting severely damaged and so it needed to be replaced.

I picked up a Sapphire ATI X1600 512MB. I think that beast should last me quite a few years (its good enough for Vista!) It also has 2 video heads on it, so I was able to remove my ATI 9250 PCI card and run both monitors off of this one card. Which is great, because the 9250 wasn’t a native DX9 card so it wouldn’t work under Vista’s 3D interface.

All I am waiting for now is my ATI HDTV Wonder so I can do video capture once again (the new card didn’t have tv in like my All-In-Wonder did).

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