Fun With a Soldering Gun

Well, its wednesday already and I still haven’t gotten any work done on my (working title)Site Rank website. I have since learned that unless I get started working on the monday, or even tuesday at the latest, that the whole week is pretty much a write off. I cant get motivated in the middle of the week. I actually tried working on it yesterday, had to implement a Linked List for my new algorithm idea, but it failed miserably. I am completely lost when it comes to making classes in PHP.

So, I’ve decided to take the week off of working on the site in hopes that I’ll be rejuvenated by next week and be able to work on it with a fresh mind.

That means I’ve got to find something to kill the rest of the week with. I will make that something be some preliminary work/research/planning on my 2nd project temporarily titled “Retro PC Radio”. I’ll put an entry in the Projects link on the left menu shortly. Or maybe I should revamp that thing, because it currently looks like crap and its a pain to update (MySQL to the rescue!).

So, back to the project. I picked up some desoldering braid yesterday so I could disassemble an old computer mouse. I need to reposition the IR emitters so I can install external nobs to turn the wheels that make the cursor move. I think thats where I’ll start today. I also picked up two do-it-yourself tech magazines yesterday Extreme Tech and Make. I think this might become a hobby for me? I’m currently trying to find out info on building computer circuits too and interfacing with serial, parallel and USB ports on computers for another piece of my radio project. This is turning out to be a lot of fun and I haven’t even started yet!

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