Gaming Woes

All I wanted to do was play a nice little game of Civ IV, but no something HAD to go wrong. I managed to start a networked game, and was able to play for about 30 minutes and I thought everything was going fine until the damned blue screen of death made an appearance.

Not really sure what to do to fix it. I updated some drivers, rolled back some others. Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Other than the useless complaining I just did, I haven’t got much to talk about. Well, I did kind of learn something interesting today.

I was talking to some german exchange students that are in my Real-Time Systems Theory class. After a short presentation that one of the students in the class made, these two german students started knocking the desk with their fist. I thought this was kind of weird. Then one turned to me and said “Don’t you people clap?”

I chuckled a bit and said “I guess not.” He then told me that in germany, at the end of a presentation and even at the end of class all the students knock on their desks as a sort of applause. They do it as a sign of respect towards the professor, and also because its quieter than clapping.

They made the comment that taking classes here in canada, they weren’t sure when the class was over because nobody would knock on their desks, they’d just get up and leave. They told me that they thought it was weird that we didn’t do the knocking here, and I thought it was weird that they did that at all.

So, thats my little story for the day. Maybe I’ll have something meaningful to talk about next week.

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