Happenings and Goings On

I felt bad for missing my post date last time, so I figured I would make sure I was on time this week.

So, what is up… I moved my subversion repository (source control) to a new machine. Well not a new machine, its a 200Mhz Pentium 1 machine I had just laying around. So I installed Debian (Sarge) on it… but that wasn’t the first OS I installed. I started with Slackware, then I tried running Knoppix. They all worked great, but I had a hell of a time connecting to my network. After a couple days of tinkering and reading I figured out that the damned nic was half-duplex! And my router was forcing full-duplex connections!

Once I got that resolved everything works great… except when I try to get multiple connections. I can’t run apt-get (Debian’s package manager) when I am connected to the box via ssh. And the machine doesn’t have a monitor so I HAVE to use ssh. So I think I will go buy a new nic (that is network interface card for you non-techies) and just forget about this issue completely.

I also made a few changes to the way I delete comments on this site. It has been a need that I only required after this site started getting spammed! I can’t believe someone took the time to spam my site! Nobody even reads this thing. Anyways, I used to have to do it manually in the database, then I wrote a script but I had to specify the post number and comment number to delete. So today I re-vamped it to have a button beside the comment I want to delete. Makes for deleting comments MUCH faster.

The other thing that I want to mention is something I have been doing at work that I’m quite proud of. The application that the place I work at develops is a web based help desk and field service management application that up until I showed up worked ONLY in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Well, I would have none of that! So I have been recoding the javascript and certain parts of the application to use some standards compliant properties so it would work in Firefox! And I seem to have been successful in that!! There are a few things that don’t display as nice as they do in IE but I’ll work those out eventually.

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