Happy Biiiirthday to me

It feels kind of stupid wishing myself a happy birthday, on my own website no less, but I had no other way to start off this post. And seeing as it is wednesday, I need to make a post.

So yeah, I turned 21 today. I can now consume alcohol in any country in the world (I think…), not that thats one of my life goals or anything.

One little piece of news that could be seen as a gift to me is that I’ve heard on the radio that the NHL and NHLPA may have made a deal. That means that hockey will be back this year! I’m not as happy as I thought I might have been after hearing news like that, but I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet.

Just 1 more week until the Italy vs Serbia-Montenegro match (that link might not exist forever)… I can’t wait!


Bob to the rescue
Seems like I was right to not get too excited about the supposed deal between the NHL and the PA

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