I got a call yesterday while I was at work from Infonec letting me know that my new ATI TV card was in. So after work I drove into Markham (From Woodbridge to Burlington to Markham and then back to Woodbridge all in one day. I’m sick of driving) to pick it up.

After installing the card I hooked up the piece of shit antenna that came with it. First I tried the FM radio software which worked perfectly. I was listening to Q107, but then I realised I could be watching TV instead. So I started to tune the HDTV channels.

I was actually able to get CBC HD. I caught the end of the Rick Mercer Report… the picture was AMAZING. I probably need a better antenna in order to get CTV and/or CityTV since they also offer free over the air HDTV.

I started up the software today when I got home and I can’t seem to get CBC HD anymore. So I am getting pretty frustrated. Not sure what else to do… I updated the drivers and even found this other HDTV program WatchHDTV. But nothing seems to work. I think I’ll go mess around with it some more.

On the bright side, it tunes regular cable just fine, and the image processing looks infinitely better than it did with my old tv tuner card. So even if I can’t get the HD to work (which would really suck if it doesn’t) at least I’ve got regular tv.

=== UPDATE ===

I was able to get CBC back by moving my antenna around. So that was a relief. I was also able to tune into CTV and I caught the end of Lost in HD! So thats 2 channels. I think I feel good enough about this to invest in some sort of semi-decent antenna. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some other channels too.

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