Holidays Over, Back To Work

It was back to work today, in a somewhat limited capacity. I get to work from home these last few days of the week, which I am really happy about. Kind of lets me ease back into the work schedule while not having to drive all the way to Burlington.

Since my last post I kind of got my Amazon webservices experiment finished. It has very, VERY basic functionality. You can basically search Amazon (either the whole site or only certain sections like Books, DVDs, Software, etc) for any item you want. Then when you select it from the search results it takes you to another page that tells you its cost on in USD (and also converted to Canadian Dollars) and then it shows you the price on . Then you can determine which store you want to buy it from (depending which is cheaper, and of course taking into consideration the shipping fees). You can also, if you already know the ASIN number for an item you want to buy, enter in just an ASIN number and it will take you to the comparison page to let you know the price on both and .ca .

While I work on it you can mess around with it here.

There are a bunch of things I want to add to it that I haven’t gotten around to. Plus it needs a lot of polish because it is a very ugly white page at the moment.

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