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I was just going through a couple websites when I noticed a cool way to group html components. It caught my attention because the only time I’ve seen this component is when doing GUI programming in Java and C#. So I figured I’d post it here for two reasons: 1) so i don’t forget about it and 2) because I’m really bored and I wanted something to write about.

The code (courtesy of my html safe html script):

<fieldset style="border-color: red; border-style: dotted;"> <legend><span style="color: green;">Title of this box</span></legend>The insides. Anything you like can go here! </fieldset>

The result:

Title of this boxThe insides. Anything you like can go here!

The thing that blew me away was the inline title in the border. I had no idea that was possible in html/xhtml. But then again, what CAN’T browsers do nowadays? I’ve seen first person shooters using Firefox’s <canvas> tag, and don’t forget all those crazy AJAX apps that Google is sporting nowadays.

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