Hunter’s Glen, Round 2

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbe– err GOLF!

I went back… I couldn’t help it. I’m addicted. As horribly as I stink at it (for now at least… hopefully only for now) I just can’t get enough. Me and Steve went back today for another 9 holes at Hunter’s Glen. I seem to have lost some of the good habits that I had developed yesterday, but I still managed to hit 5 less strokes today. I’m still disappointed though. I made a lot of dumb mistakes that I wasn’t making yesterday, which makes no sense to me. If anything its humbling and next time I’ll keep that in mind.

As for when next time will be? Who knows, as I said yesterday I start work next week. So if we can manage some weekend tee off times then great, otherwise evenings before it gets dark maybe? I don’t know if thats viable. But I think this weekend after Ottawa we’re going to try out an 18 hole course in Peterborough. I hope that goes well.

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