I Just Ordered a MacBook Pro

I’m actually surprised it took this long… the new Macbook Pros were announced yesterday at noon (I was following it live on Engadget) while at work, and I really expected to go home and order one right away. But I decided to not be so impulsive, and to weigh my options in terms of upgrades.

So after doing a bit more reading and spec-ing out I decided on the MacBook Pro with an upgrade to the 2.8GHz processor (stock with 4GB DDR3 and an upgrade to a 7200 rpm 320GB harddrive).

Two main things drove this purchase… The first being I was sick of using my laptop from work for personal stuff. The second being you need an Intel-based Mac to run the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK. Seeing as my Mac Mini is PowerPC-based I was kind of screwed in that department.

So now I’ll be able to develop some iPhone apps which should be pretty fun. Not entirely sure what I’m going to build just yet, but I’m sure something will come to me.

The second thing I need to decide is whether to use Parallels or VMWare Fusion to run Windows (and any other OSes I want) in a virtual machine on the Mac, for those days when I start to miss running Microsoft software.

I’m not entirely sure how running Windows games is going to work with either of those VM packages, so maybe I’ll run Bootcamp instead? Decisions, decisions…

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