I Need A Medic!

So, I think I’ve found my calling… if I ever go to war, I want to be a medic. Well, maybe not so much. But I do love playing one in Battlefield 2. There is nothing more fun than running around healing and reviving (with defibrillator) injured or downed teammates. For one, it stops them from having to wait 15 seconds to respawn, which means more troops on your side to defend you after sticking your neck out and almost getting sniped.

I’m also feeling a very HIGH sence of relief this morning, but still uncertainty. When I went to sleep yesterday, Steven Gerrard had said that he doesn’t want to play for Liverpool anymore. My heart was broken, I was so depressed, and after feeling ripped off from my dinner and a movie last night, it was not the most pleasant way to end a day. Well, when I woke up this morning I find that it was just a huge misunderstanding, and now he really wants to stay in Liverpool. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE!!! And I won’t allow my hopes to get up until he signs the damned contract… its like a rollercoaster of emotions over here. Now, if only the NHL and NHLPA would sign a damned CBA I might be able to get some sleep.

Development on my projecticus maximus is going well, however a bit slow as of late. I was running into a few issues, but I think I have them all sorted out. I figured a bunch of stuff out last night while trying to fall asleep, and I wrote them all down. So I’ve got my work cut out for me this afternoon.

I’d also like to ask people to PLEASE not impersonate other people in the comments. Well, actually, I really don’t care. Its kind of funny sometimes reading something that someone said and knowing that they never would have said anything like that.

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