I Rode Me a Dirtbike

So, I’ve got a ton of free time on my hands right now, and I’m completely bored, so I figured I’d write up my cottage report now.

Last week, Monday August 15 to Friday August 19 (2005), I went up to Stephen’s cottage. The whole week was awesome! ATVs, swimming pool, boat, the whole nine or so yards. We got smart about dragging ourselves behind the boat this time though… we used what I think are called ‘boogie boards’ to help us float. It made the experience so much more enjoyable and less painful.

The ATV rides were even more awesome than I remembered. We went to a few places I had not been before, or at least didn’t recognise in the dark. We even got lost once, which was kind of fun, because we were riding over fresh trees and the pine smell was amazing! For a short while all the ATVs were being used, so I hopped onto one of the old dirtbikes. That in itself was an experience… I figured that I rode a bike before so it would be no problem. I don’t think I left first gear because the shifting was a little complicated. I actually had to work the clutch, and the shifting went up and down to go up in gears. So in the interest of not breaking anything (on the bike and on my body) I just kept it in first. My ride came to an end very quickly though. The gas tank had a leak… a detail we discovered only after I stalled the bike pretty far away from the barn. Somehow we managed to get it started, and I rode it back practically on fumes.

One evening, around 11:30pm, someone decided that it would be a good idea if we all went in the pool. Who knows what we were thinking, but we all followed. It wasn’t as cold as I had expected it to be. Probably because it was already pretty damned cold outside, so the temperature of the water wasn’t that big of a difference.

On the second last day we went to the Peterborough Zoo. It was very lacking in comparison to the Toronto Zoo but in its defence it was free entrance, and Peterborough is nowhere near as big as Toronto, so they dont really need a big zoo.

I also got a bit of reading done. I lounged in the hammock while my friends went out on the ATVs one afternoon. And the remainder of our free time was spent playing football. Two of the evenings were occupied with a bonfire and we roasted marshmallows and even hotdogs. We managed to not kill anyone, or burn down the cottage, but there were two plastic lawn chairs that didn’t make it.

Our next big adventure will be to a Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Detroit Lions next friday. And then… back to school.

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