If It Is Not One Thing, It Is Another

From a dead motherboard, to Vista not wanting to install, to my windows in my house being replaced… I never get a moment to just sit down and enjoy my pc.

Right now I’m writing from my dad’s laptop which will have to do for now.

So, first things first. Montreal was a BLAST! I’ve got a ton of pictures of the track and cars going by from my seats in my Montreal Grand Prix 2007 gallery. There are more pictures to come from one of the other guys’ cameras. Should be more people pictures than just the track.

We were pretty much right infront of the huge accident that occurred at the hairpin. I would have had two or three really good pictures of it but the jerk in front of me stuck his head in the way so my camera decided to focus on his greying scalp instead of the track… so they’re all blurry.

Regarding my dying PC. I had replaced the motherboard during the day before I left for Montreal, and everything was working fine… well except for Windows. So after a few attempts at repairing the install I just decided to reformat and reinstall. I probably made a bad decision in picking the motherboard I got because it doesn’t appear to support Windows Vista. So after many failed attempts at installing it, I have accepted the fact that I’m stuck with Windows XP. Hopefully soon I’ll scrounge up enough cash to make a new PC or maybe just pick up a laptop and run Vista on that.

And now that I finally got my PC working I had to disassemble it and pack everything away because my room got ransacked today by window installers. Drywall dust is everywhere so it is a good thing I covered all my stuff.

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