I’m Back

Well, it seems like everything is back to normal… the website is back in 1 piece.

I am with a new hosting company now, Fuitadnet.com, and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing from now on.

And if I’m not mistaken, they are hosted out of New York so the time on my posts should be accurate again!

On to some more personal news…

I spent the weekend in Windsor with my dad’s side of the family. I was helping my cousin with her webdesign course, and as a result I learned CSS. I never realised how powerful it was and how it could make designing a website so much easier! So, when I get started on version 4 of this site it will definitly be something that I’ll get into.

Version 4 of TheNoodleman.ca is probably a long ways off though. Once I get the time to even think about it there will be a lot of work to do. First off I need to re-write all my crappy scripts. I’ve got like 20-30 files just for posting and deleting news and guestbook entries. That is rediculous. So that will take some time to reduce down. Then I’ll need to design a nice looking site, because this one has gotten to be a bit of an unorganised eye sore.

But again, its nothing to worry about now, none of this will happen for a while.

Hope everyone had a good easter, and I’ll be back on wednesday with my regular post!

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