I’m On a Roll

Oh man, will I ever stop posting today? And I thought that yesterday I’d have nothing to talk about.

Well, I got a whole bunch of work done on my photo gallery, which I am now calling the Simple PHP Photo Gallery. You can view a sample there, or check out my full gallery of pictures from last year at Steve’s cottage.

The gallery is pretty much in working order. All that I have to do now is soop it up with features. Probably navigation arrows for when you are looking at the full-sized images.

Since I’ve finished this gallery script, and I am writing more tiny scripts/utilities, I am more and more wanting to get another domain name to throw all that stuff under. Because TheNoodleman.ca is getting to be one hell of a mess. Its almost frustrating… no no it IS frustrating. I need to redesign this POS.

So yeah, back on topic… I need a new domain name. I just found that Noodlesoft-Interactive.com is still available, maybe I should snatch it up? or something else maybe, or both… who knows — send me some suggestions in the comments section. The link is right at the bottom of this post. C’mon, you know you want to!

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