I’m One Lazy Bugger

I did absolutly no work today on Briscola. After going out this afternoon I came home and mulled over cell phone reviews for another couple hours. I finally made a decision, and ordered the Motorola V551. The main features that I was looking for was Java MIDP 2.0 support so I can write my own little applications for it, Bluetooth so I dont have to spend $50+ on a usb cable, and EDGE (eGPRS) for super fast internet access for when/if I’m going to need it.

The other phone I was considering was the Motorola RAZR. But after countless hours of research I found out that the V551 and the RAZR use exactly the same chipset, however the RAZR doesn’t have EDGE. So, for $70 less I get the more feature complete phone albeit the less sexy of the two.

So, Rogers tells me I’ll have the phone in 3 business days (I ordered it online). I got a 3-year plan which is why I got the phone for such an awesome price (only $30!!). After the whole cell phone decision was over I thought I was going to work on Briscola, but then the Canadian world junior team’s game started, so I watched that instead.

That leaves tomorrow to work on briscola because friday I’m going to Buffalo. It is looking more and more like I won’t have this thing done before the new year, which is kind of sad to me.

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