In Desperate Need of Graphics

I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck around with this game for so long. I thought for sure it would become yet another afterthought on my long list of awesome ideas that never get executed (see: Website Update Thingy, Online Multiplayer Briscola).

Where I am now is pretty much the same as when I last posted. Well, not really. I discovered a bug in the endgame that caused the last hand to never get played out (I can’t believe I didn’t notice before that only 19 hands instead of 20 were being played). So I spent the majority of today tracking down that bug, and it is now fixed. And I also added a title screen, so I guess I can scratch that off the checklist.

I’m holding off on the new AI and record keeping until I can acquire some card images. I figure, those two things are useless if I can’t actually SEE what my cards are. Instead right now I’m having to interpret a cryptic sequence of numbers and letters to figure out what suit and value my cards are.

So, thats where it stands. I think I can be done everything by next weekend. But that is not a deadline, because as soon as I start making those all hell breaks loose and nothing ever gets accomplished.

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