In Peterborough

I’ve been here in Peterborough since tuesday. Its been pretty fun so far. Yesterday we went golfing… I haven’t been before, and I stunk pretty bad at it, but I had a ton of fun. Almost got a hole in 1 though, that was pretty exciting to watch. I won 3 out of the 9 holes we played, made par on one of those, and lost 2 balls to the drink, and another 2 or 3 to my slice (that I *think* I have corrected). We may be going back today, depends on when these goofs wake up.

We also cut the grass yesterday. That was actually pretty fun. I used this riding mower that instead of a steering wheel it had these two levers. The controls are operated similar to those of a TANK. Push both forwards and you go forward, push one further ahead than the other and you turn in the opposite direction. I had the most fun doing 360s!!

Well, thats good for now I think. I’m kind of hungry, going to go make myself some breakfast.

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