Infinite Monkey Comics – New Domain:

It really shouldn’t have taken this long to do, and really should have been done before we decided to start linking the site around, but I’ve finally purchased a proper domain name for Infinite Monkey Comics:

The final decision on the actual domain name was the result of what was actually available, and a desire to keep it short and simple. So, even though it contained the entire title of the site, was too much to have to post anywhere or to remember. (note the ‘s’) and were already taken.

With the new domain came the worry that all the comics and links that people have already created will no longer work. I solved that easily with a very simple line in the .htaccess file of the old website:

Redirect 301 /randomcomic

That is automatically redirecting any links to the old site along with their query strings, which is what I use to pass all the details to the comic generator, to the new site. So every single old URL will still be perfectly valid. The only issue is that when tracking referral links its going to show up as instead of the actual website that it came from. While this sucks, it is a very necessary evil in order to keep all our original users happy.

The other thing that really sucks about moving the site to a new domain is that I’m going to lose the relationships between the old history and new history of the site using Google Analytics. So while I’ll still be able to look back at the history for to see how the site did, I’ll be starting from scratch with the new site. So any returning users will be recorded as new users, and any user trends will basically not be trends until they actually start happening over and over.

With all that said, here is a graph of the ‘old’ history:

traffic graph march 30 2009

The large peak is 567 unique hits, Thursday March 26 2009.
The next dot is 315 unique hits, Friday March 27 2009.
The next dot is 122 unique hits, Saturday March 28 2009
The sad low point is 57 unique hits, Sunday March 29 2009.
And the last point there is 83 unique hits, Monday March 30 2009. The last day of tracking on the old domain.

The next step is a site redesign, so people don’t leave the site before even trying it out because it looks so hideous.

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